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  • We are a pesticide-free and synthetic fertilizer-free farm. Through crop planning, we integrate ancestral practices from the African Diaspora and Sur América, such as crop rotation and intercropping. 

    For us, climate stewardship is a value we practice through land stewardship, increasing the soil sink capacity by enhancing soil indigenous microorganisms, covering crops, integrating perennial plants into the system, and reducing tillage.  

  • We steward 20 acres of Black Soil at Yara Farm. Black soils (Muck soils) in the Black Dirt Region in the Hudson Valley of New York resulted from a glacial lake that melted 12,000 years ago. 

    This soil is rich in Organic Matter (OM). At Yara, we have measured 14-16% of OM in our crop fields. Other parts of the Hudson Valley have between 4-6% of OM. 

  • Toro is an introvert and is very camera shy unless we bribe him with a treat. He is Instagram famous from his days at the shelter, so after we adopted him we opened his own IG account @torothefarmdog and Twitter account @toroclorofila.

  • Absolutely! Email us to coordinate a volunteer day at the farm during the growing season. Gaby, Bernardo, and Veronica are there to answer any questions about farms, farming, tractors, seeds, farm business, etc.


    We also recommend following our QT*BIPOC sibling farms:


    Rock Steady Farm, Ayni Farm Herbs, and Rise & Roots in the Hudson Valley for volunteering days and learning opportunities.

  • Shout out to Ylimay for designing our merch and brand! You can get our tote bag, t-shirt, and stickers here.

  • You can buy our Ají through our website for single and wholesale orders. If you are a CSA member you will receive them in your share from Septiembre through November.


    If you are in Brooklyn and the Bronx you can buy them at the Two Brother Farm Stand. 

  • For single and wholesale orders please go here

  • Yes, starting in 2023, we started a small CSA of 10 shares for our neighbors in Middletown.


    In 2024 we are expanding to 20 shares for our neighbors in Middletown. 

  • As dog lovers, we would like to welcome your dogs as long as you have them on a leash!  Please keep in mind that Yara is a working farm, with 5-10 people, heavy machinery sounds (tractors) going off and on, and pasture-raised hens.


    All this can be too much overstimulation for our anxious, nervous furry friends. 

  • Yes! We are not currently Organic Certified because it involves a lot of administrative paperwork for our small farm, but we are planning to seek certification in 2025. In 2024 we will apply to the Naturally Grown certification.  

  • No worries, you can reach out to us and we can help you answer your question, reach out to us though our form here, through our email @xxxxx or even on instagram!


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